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Why Independent Verification?

Unparalleled Data Security

  • Our business is about protecting client’s data while providing fast and accurate service.
  • Learn why “Secure Site” tags and other off-the-shelf website gimmicks provide a false sense of security.
  • See how multiple layers of data security and operational protocols provide 360-degree protection.
Detailed Security Breakdown

Wanted: Angel Investors

The VerInvest Solution is a technology-enabled, membership-based clearing platform for accredited investor financial certification. In a secure environment, we collect, review and certify investor status as meeting the standards of “accredited investor” and/or “qualified purchaser”. Our platform provides a forum for investor and issuer-members to connect and verify certification status without exchanging sensitive personal financial information. This should be an important consideration for any manager considering general solicitation.

Private equity investors, angels and hedge fund investors rely upon the membership structure of VerInvest to provide unlimited access to issuer members for one low annual price. This structure minimizes the operational intrusion while maintaining the level of data retention needed for appropriate regulatory compliance. Proving that one meets accredited financial standards should not be a barrier to investing – angel or otherwise.

As fund managers and company executives that are raising private capital seek larger audiences of prospects, VerInvest offers a cost-effective means of maintaining a robust investor verification program. Our independence and unique  certification assurance policy means peace-of-mind for those seeking to minimize operational risk.

We are determined to become the leading institutional clearinghouse for financial verification and certification; providing investors with unmatched security and convenience while meeting the needs of sophisticated investment funds and growing companies. VerInvest believes that independent services of this type are of great value to issuers, as investors are placing greater levels of attention on operational risk management.

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